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  • God of War Ascension Goddess of Revenge Trailer

    Posted by on September 4, 2012 under Events, PAX 2012
    Here we have brand new trailer for upcoming video game God of War Ascension, Trailer was released during PAX 2012, Enjoy the  Goddess of Revenge Trailer below: ... Read More.
  • What Happened at PAX 2012

    Posted by on September 3, 2012 under Events, PAX 2012
    That's a wrap for PAX Prime 2012. attended all three days of the show, and this is our final collection of photos from the show floor. Check out some Resident Evil cosplay, glimpses at elaborate booths, and shots of exhibitors packing up. ... Read More.
  • Double Fine’s The Cave Is Coming To Wii U

    Posted by on September 3, 2012 under Events, PAX 2012, Wii, Wii U
    Ron Gilbert and Double Fine's adventure-game-platformer is coming to the Wii U's digital distribution platform. Double Fine is showing the game at PAX this weekend, and it was there that it revealed that it will be available on Nintendo's upcoming console. The closest thing The Cave has to a release date right now is early 2013. Presumably it will be available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, and Wii U all at on... Read More.
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us Suiting Up As Cyborg And Nightwing

    Posted by on September 3, 2012 under Events, PAX 2012
    Warner Bros. and NetherRealm showed off two new playable fighters at PAX 2012. One is Nightwing, Batman’s former sidekick-turned-autonomous superhero, and Cyborg, the half man, half robot popularized in Teen Titans. I got to battle as both across the Batcave and Metropolis. Though I’m not the best at Mortal Kombat and NetherRealm’s other fighters, I had a fun with the overpowered spectacle of Injustice. ... Read More.
  • Disney Artists Sketch Your Heart’s Desire At PAX

    Posted by on September 3, 2012 under Events, Featured, PAX 2012
    A trio of talented Disney artists are stationed at the Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two booth at PAX Prime 2012. Disney fans are waiting in line for over three hours to ask these magicians to draw their favorite characters to life. I snapped some photos of the charming sketches and dropped them here for you to look at. ... Read More.
  • Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Is A Prologue

    Posted by on September 3, 2012 under Events, Featured, NEWS Mentor, PAX 2012
    Along with a trailer, Konami and Hideo Kojima have revealed lots of new information about Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. The game will be a prologue, will be available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 if Microsoft's logo at the end of the trailer is any indication, and Kojima is not ready to call the game Metal Gear Solid 5. The game was shown running on a PC, so presumably it will release for that platform as ... Read More.
  • DS Title Dementium II Coming To PC

    Posted by on September 3, 2012 under Events, Featured, NEWS Mentor, PAX 2012
    Dementium II originally released on the DS in 2010, and now it's getting ported to PC. Like the DS game, you take on the role of William Redmoor, a patient of a mental institution for the criminally insane. It appears as though Redmoor may have murdered his wife and children, but his memories are unclear. Redmoor's inner-demons manifest themselves as real demons in the mental institution that he must fight. Dem... Read More.
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