Dust 514′s Open Beta Coming Next Week

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Dust 514′s Open Beta Coming Next Week

CCP Games’ ambitious plan to merge the world of EVE Online and its upcoming shooter Dust 514 is inching closer to reality. The studio has already migrated EVE players to new Dust 514-friendly servers, and now an open Dust beta is almost here.

All PlayStation 3 owners will be able to download the game’s open beta on January 22. Those players will be able to battle on the ground in the first-person shooter component of the game, while EVE players will continue to battle in space and hone their online politicking.

“The launch of the Dust 514 open beta is another step towards our long-term vision for CCP and EVE,” says Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, CCP’s CEO. “But this is just the beginning. As we have done with EVE Online, in the coming weeks, and for years to come, we will continually improve upon and add to the Dust 514 experience, as well as add deeper integration between the two games and their communities.”

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