The Archetypes Of Shadowrun Returns

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The Archetypes Of Shadowrun Returns

For RPG players who have fond memories of the excellent Shadowrun SNES and Genesis games, the announcement last year of a new game in the series was thrilling. Shadowrun is a fascinating setting, mixing the cyberpunk aesthetic with high fantasy elements like elves and dragons, with a result that’s unlike any other game world. Developer Harebrained Schemes is hard at work creating the new Shadowrun Returns, and the team gave us an early glimpse into one of the most fundamental features in any role-playing game: what kind of character you can play.

“Shadowrun is a classless system, meaning that players are not restricted to a single character development path,” explains creative director Jordan Weisman, also one of the original architects of the Shadowrun universe. “Rather, players start with a representative Shadowrun character archetype and are then free to grow their character as they wish, spending Karma points to choose any skill or ability available in the game.” We’ve highlighted each of the foundational archetypes below, but each one is just a starting point. You’ll be able to mix and combine abilities from any archetype you like when you play the game.

Learn more about your character options below, including extensive insight from Weisman, and make sure to check out our full overview feature article on Shadowrun Returns in the February issue (#238) of Game Informer, where you’ll find detailed new information on the title’s story and gameplay, along with new screens and art from the upcoming game.

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